About Us

We have been professionals on the world wide web since 1996.

We started by hosting guest books, forums and other services on our first domain. We also helped in the early development of web sites for large organizations which today, now have a large, active internet presence.

Due to the expansion of our work and desire to help people, we founded ChosenWebHost.com on September 8, 2008. We are a growing company, caring for the needs of our clients and delivering robust, quality solutions. We began building web solutions for corporations and other organizations. Providing design and content solutions for those who needed them, providing vision in and developing specific solutions to meet organizational requirements.

The reality of our web presence continues to grow as we serve the needs of people in our present world. We are a western NY based company providing high quality, value-based hosting services from our Network Operations center in western NY.

Our servers run in the Cogent data center, a world class data center which is a multinational Tier 1 Internet service provider consistently ranked as one of the top five networks in the world. We strive to provide excellence and the best security for your internet presence.

Our commitment to you:

Our servers are always fast. Not only at 4:00 in the morning when everyone is asleep but at anytime of the day or night. This is priority to us in our service to you. In the early days, most people had 56k dial-up. Because of the fact that today, many people have very high connections speeds and coupled with the fact that multimedia takes a lot of bandwidth, our servers have to be fast! We do exactly that; not just most of the time but all of the time.

We do not operate on a top heavy business model where we have to put hirelings in the front row to deal with customers. We keep our staff very minimal and our own CEO takes care of sales and support. You will not be dealing with a hireling when you call us. And even though we have regular office hours, many times in an emergency we will be working even in the middle of the night to make sure your site is running the way it should be. We don't have level one or low level techs during the night who wait to pass the difficult tasks off to the morning shift. While most companies only have low level technicians on during the night, you will find our own CEO who is a highly skilled technician doing the real work during the night so you don't have to worry about your site working.